14 Night - Highlights of Pennsylvania
Day 1: Philadelphia
It must have been rousing when the delegates and townspeople cheered as the Declaration of Independence was read and the Liberty Bell rang out. Later as the Constitution of the United States passed, the Continental Congress soon realized they had created a country like none other. The freedoms these events created starting in 1776 witnessed the foundations of the new nation. Visitors can relive the beginning of America at Independence National Historical Park which includes Independence Hall, Congress Hall, where the upper and lower houses of the US Congress first convened and Carpenter’s Hall, where John Adams, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other delegates to the First Continental Congress began it all in 1774. A timed admission ticket to Independence Hall will eliminate any waiting in line and give you more time to see the city. The Liberty Bell is close by, as is the new “dig” of George Washington’s residence that is causing a lot of provocative conversation.
After visiting Independence National Park, we suggest taking the Philadelphia Trolley or a horse driven carriage ride to get an overview of the city. Similar to Boston and Charleston, the streets of Philadelphia’s old neighbourhoods are narrow and lined with historic town homes and gracefully detailed structures. While in town, you have to try a Philly Cheese steak at Steaks on South, not far from the Liberty Bell and Independence Centre. If your visit to Philadelphia is on a Wednesday or Saturday, make sure to stop into the Reading Terminal Market, abuzz with shops and foods. Enjoy evening entertainment with the Independence after Hours program which includes a three course dinner at the City Tavern, a 1776 Walking Tour and the Lights of Liberty Show.
Day 2:
The Philadelphia Art Museum, with its extensive collections and featured exhibitions is certainly one of the major highlights of Philadelphia. Recreations of an Italian Colonnade, a Japanese Tea House and a Middle Eastern temple with massive winged beasts are surrounded by rooms of arms and Armour, early American artefacts, medieval tapestries and ancient objects. In between, you’ll discover gallery after gallery of some of the world’s finest paintings and sculptures by major artists. More Philadelphia “greats” await at the home of Betsy Ross, the seamstress who stitched the first American flag in 1776 and Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest continuously occupied street in America, dating from 1702. Early tenants on the street were craftsmen and sea captains, as well as others related to shipping. The Rodin Museum is home to the largest collection of the master’s works outside the Musee Rodin in Paris, France. Philadelphia has The Thinker, John the Baptist, The Cathedral and The Burghers of Calais, as well as drawings and sketches and The Gates of Hell. The Philadelphia Zoo, America’s first Zoo, is another option. To maximize your visit, you may want to pick up a Philadelphia Pass with multiple discounted admissions. There’s a lot to do and a lot to pack into two days here. Of course, you can always return on another visit and enjoy a 3, 4, or 5 day City Break to experience Philadelphia more completely.
2 nights – Philadelphia.
Standard: Holiday Inn Historic District 
Select: Loews Philadelphia
Day 3: To Washington, DC (141 miles)
Hot and happening! That’s what they call America’s Capital Region, which has always been rich in history and the American experience and now is even more interesting with cutting edge culture, wild and wonderful landscapes, fabulous food and wine trails. Built more than two centuries ago as the new capital of the United States, Washington DC is one of the youngest and most powerful capital cities on the globe. It is peppered with impressive and moving monuments and memorials, broad tree-lined avenues that are more like Paris than a modern American city and more. Even if you’ve visited before, new monuments are always being added and many museums have recently expanded. You can start your visit at the US Capitol Complex, which includes the Capitol Building, House and Senate Buildings and the US Botanical Gardens. Standing on the Capitol steps looking out you can see the National Mall, a nearly two mile green space between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial which is lined with monuments and museums. The Washington Monument stands in the centre between the two. The cross axis of the Mall is anchored by the White House on one end and the Jefferson Memorial on the other. The US Capitol Building in Washington, DC was not constructed until 1793. The US Capital was located in New York City at the end of the American Revolution. The complex continues to change and grow, most recently with the renovation of the Botanic Garden Conservatory and a new National Botanic Garden. In addition to the key anchors of the National Mall, the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument, the rest of the monuments and memorials on or near the Mall could fill your entire trip to Washington, DC.
Day 4:
You’ll want to visit all the key locations on the National Mall in Washington, DC., a nearly two mile green space anchored by the Capitol on the east end the Washington Monument on the west. In between, this expanse of green is lined with the finest of Smithsonian National Museums. And from the Washington Monument it is a clear view to the White House. Quite honestly, the memorials, monuments and museums on or near the Mall could fill your entire trip to Washington! Even though most of the attractions are free of charge, careful planning will make your trip most rewarding. Some attractions require timed tickets, so think about it ahead of time, what are the sights that you want to see, and plan accordingly. The list of museums to choose from is extensive: The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of African Art, National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of the American Indian and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Memorials on or near the Mall include the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National World War II Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, United States Navy Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. You may want to focus on one or two museums that interest you the most and then in the evening, see the monuments and the memorials from a different light.
2 night – Washington, DC.
Standard: Days Inn Connecticut Avenue 
Select: Omni Shoreham
Day 5: To Gettysburg (85 miles)
At the Gettysburg Battlefield, you can almost still hear the drums of war beating within the stilling silence. In this place, where the fate of America changed forever, the landscape has been preserved to tell the story of war, yet honour the soldiers who fought valiantly for their cause. It was at Gettysburg that the leaders of both the Union and Confederate armies who would ultimately play out the Civil War to its end, first met in gigantic and carefully strategized battles. All seemed to understand that the outcome of the war would be determined on these grounds. Whoever prevailed would be likely to conquer. In a bold attempt to invade America’s capital city, the Confederate army amassed thousands of troops ready to open a gateway to take Washington, DC from the north. The Union understood that the ground had to be held at whatever cost, otherwise the war would be lost. President Abraham Lincoln also understood the gravity of the situation when he delivered what some consider to be one of the world’s best orations. Having stood the test of time, his eloquent words still stir the emotions when delivered even today. However, within all of this important history, Gettysburg is more than just about battles. Founded in 1797, more than 60 years before the Civil War, the town was settled by Scots-Irish settlers on their way to the Shenandoah Valley. Original buildings from this era still stand on Lincoln Square. Now surrounded by great antique shopping, vineyards, neighbouring historic villages and quiet timeless countryside, Gettysburg stands as a hallmark to its important history, complemented with the thriving life and rich culture of southern Pennsylvania.
1 night – Gettysburg.
Standard: Best Western Hotel Gettysburg 
Select: Doubleday Inn (On the Battlefield)
Day 6: To Bedford Springs (86 miles)
More scenic drives await today as you move from the Laurel Highlands to the Bedford Springs Resort – newly renovated and appointed by Omni Hotels. Thanks to the resort’s unprecedented $120 million facelift, you can enjoy Bedford Springs, where eight mineral springs became the famed Mecca of rejuvenation. The new hoteliers have restored one of America’s old grand dame resort, so famous as retreats for the rich and famous in the Gilded Age. The resort opened in 1905 with one of the nation’s first indoor pools, fed by the property’s spring waters. A decade before that, Spencer Oldham laid out one of America’s first golf courses on the property. Famed golf course designed Donald Ross remodelled the course in 1923, still available for playing today. Presidents from James Buchanan and James K. Polk to Ronald Reagan have stayed at Bedford Springs. If you want to do more than just relax in these wonderful surroundings, you can take a guided hike at the resort or have a massage or other spa treatments. Before dinner you can visit the Briar Valley Vineyard and Winery, which styles its wines after classic European varieties. Enjoy a sumptuous Pennsylvania meal this evening in the 1796 Room.
1 night – Bedford Springs.
Standard: Hampton Inn Bedford
Select: Omni Bedford Springs
Day 7: To Pittsburgh (108 miles)
Built at the meeting point of the Allegheny, Ohio and the Monongahela rivers, Pittsburgh history evolved its strategic location at the headwaters of this key intersection. A settlement was established by the Native Americans well before English settlers arrived to build Fort Pitt. A ride on one of the city’s Gateway Clippers will take you out onto the rivers for a great perspective on the whole city. The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, cousins of Carnegie Mellon University, include the Museum of Art, the Science Centre and the Museum of Natural History. The Senator John Heinz History Centre, Pennsylvania’s largest history museum is also worth a stop. A multitude of artefacts, interactive exhibits, and the building itself illustrate Pittsburgh’s fascinating past, along with the heritage of the
South-western Pennsylvania region. The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is also one of America’s best zoos and worth a visit as well. America’s favourite condiment, Heinz Ketchup, was invented here, as was the Big Mac! You can even try a restaurant serving locally grown food or a farmers market visited daily by various chefs.
Day 8
You have the opportunity today to take a drive into the countryside surrounding Pittsburgh. It’s amazing that farmland, covered bridges and quaint towns can peacefully coexist with such a large city. Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece is located outside a tiny village in South-western Pennsylvania. Built over a waterfall, it remains an enduring work of art. Several types of guided tours are available, as well as a separate tour at another of Wright’s designs, Kentuck Knob. Nearby, Meadowcroft Rockshelter and the Museum of Rural life are must sees as well. Meadowcroft Rockshelter is the site of the oldest human habitation in America. You can try using an atlatl, a prehistoric spear-thrower like those used by Meadowcroft's first inhabitants. Meadowcroft Village
lets you experience elements of everyday family life in the 19th century. Watch a blacksmith forge red-hot iron or enjoy fresh-baked bread from the open hearth. If there is any time left in your day, plan to meander the scenic byways of the Laurel Highlands on the way back to your accommodations in Pittsburgh.
2 nights – Pittsburgh.
Standard: Holiday Inn Pittsburgh 
Select: Omni William Penn
Day 9: To Williamsport (200 miles)
Today you’re on your way to Williamsport. This quaint town once had more millionaires than anywhere else in the United States. Lumber barons, they were; making millions of dollars on miles and miles of trees. Block after block of Millionaires’ Row still stands proudly, paying tribute to these wealthy Pennsylvanians. Take the walking tour or catch the Williamsport Trolley, to have someone else drive while you listen to the story. The Rowley House Museum is literally encrusted with intricately detailed mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut and oak. Because Mr. Rowley owned the electric company and the gas company, his high Victorian lifestyle was the 1890s version of high tech, high touch, with electric lights and modern gas log fireplaces. No matter how many of these homes you’ve toured, each time it’s hard to imagine that someone actually lived this way, especially two centuries back. Each house is always unique to the story of the family who lived inside. After you’ve ooohed and aaahed over the baron’s residence, a cruise on the Hiawatha Paddlewheel Riverboat will be a good opportunity to let any stress you brought fly off on a gentle breeze, as this authentic paddle wheeler plies the river. The last cruise is at 4PM, unless a special evening event is planned. If you want to stay in the Millionaires’ Row tradition, have dinner at the Peter Herdic House, voted the most “romantic fine dining” in the region. If you’re inclined toward a bit more casual dining, try the LeJeune Chef Restaurant, home to Penn’s Visiting Chef Series that has won awards from Wine Spectator Magazine, or the Bullfrog Brewery and Restaurant, the area’s only microbrew pub producing eight different beers.
1 night – Williamsport
Standard: Best Western TGI fridays
Select: Peter Herdic Inn
Day 10: To Pocono Mountains (117 miles)
The Pocono Mountains have been a leisure playground since 1829. There’s fresh, cool air, race cars, waterfalls, awesome scenic roads and railroads. From the building of the first boarding house hotel that created a wildly successful resort industry, the Pocono Mountains have welcomed visitors from all walks of life. Yet, today’s Pocono Mountains are not your father’s Pocono Mountains. In each season of life, the destination has grown more gracious, incorporating heritage from the past into each succeeding decade, while retaining the outdoor environments the region is so famous for. Where once city dwellers from the New York metropolitan area flocked to the outdoors from across the river, visitors now come to drive scenic roads, explore the area’s rich history and heritage and enjoy the theatre and entertainment. Today, waterfalls coexist peacefully with water parks, hot tubs with history, and honeymoons with heritage. You can enjoy the best of 2,400 square miles of playground teeming with activities and attractions. Meandering scenic drives are enhanced with an unending parade of awesome natural environments. Delving into fascinating history can be balanced with doing active things. Natural beauty shines in no less than seven National Park Service affiliated locations. The arts are well represented too as well as flight seeing, active water sports and other activities of any particular interest.
Day 11
One of the highlights of the Pocono Mountains, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is less than 90 miles from Manhattan, and winds along 40 miles of the Pennsylvania New Jersey border. This is some of the most pristine water in America and supplies 10% of the country’s population with fresh drinking water. A tour on the Water Gap Trolley is a great way to learn about the area. Or head directly to the park headquarters for visitor information. More than 25 miles of The Appalachian Trail traverse this area and the views are spectacular.  Climbing to the top of the mountain for the view is really worth it. You can also rent a canoe or kayak and paddle the Middle Delaware and enjoy views unspoiled by man. Make sure to visit the waterfalls at Bushkill Falls – “The Niagara of Pennsylvania” and Dingmans Falls. Spend the evening in Stroudsburg – dinner at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn is a favourite of locals and visitors alike. The Deer Head Inn is another option – live Jazz for over 60 years makes this the longest running jazz club in the nation.
2 nights – Pocono Mountains.
Standard: Budget Inn & Suites 
Select: French Manor Inn & Spa
Day 12: To Lancaster/Amish Country (134 miles)
You’ll love visiting Amish Country in Lancaster County to experience their slower pace of life and simple living. With traditions dating back centuries, Lancaster County is home to the oldest group of the Old Order Amish, the “Plain People” who settled in the 1720s, fleeing religious persecution. Contrary to being called “Pennsylvania Dutch, the Amish are not Dutch at all. The word was shortened from the German Deutsch. Even though the strongest bond of the Amish is German heritage, there are also Swiss, French, English, Welsh and Scottish Amish. Holding dear traditional values, they stress humility, family, community and separation from the world. Not actually stuck
in history, the Amish do change. They just examine it carefully before they accept it.
Day 13:
The best place to gain an overview of the Amish and Lancaster County is the Discover Lancaster History Museum which features 32 life-size, in-depth exhibits that recreate 400 years of Lancaster’s heritage. You’ll relive events such as the French and Indian, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and explore the variety of cultures represented in central Pennsylvania. From the Native Americans and European immigrants, including the Amish, Pennsylvania Deutsche, Scots, Irish and English, you’ll so discover that Lancaster is a hodge-podge of people and cultures. That fact adds greatly to the richness of life in this delightfully rural place. The best way to explore Lancaster is on the self guided walking tour. In the centre of one of America’s oldest inland cities, Central Market still serves as a bustling centrepiece and nearby streets are alive with shops, galleries and restaurants. You’ll find Amish culture at The People’s Place, considered the most authentic educational and heritage centre explaining Amish and Mennonite cultures anywhere in the world. After exploring the foundations of the two different religious sects, be sure to visit the People’s Place Quilt Museum that features antique Amish and Mennonite quilts and quilt making, along with other decorative arts.  
2 nights – Lancaster.
Standard: Best Western Eden Resort Inn 
Select: Lancaster Arts Hotel
Day 14: Valley Forge (53 miles)
Before moving back to Philadelphia, you have one more stop in Valley Forge. Moving back in time to the Revolutionary War, you can see the sites where George Washington and his troops spent the winter. Learn about the region on the “History of Valley Forge” Trolley Tour with guided stops at several key places such as Washington’s Headquarters. Many of the area’s local dining establishments have been in business since colonial times. Try the Guard House Inn, the General Lafayette Inn and Brewery, or the General Warren Inne, for a memorable dinner. If your visit to Valley Forge is on a Saturday, spend an exciting evening at the famous encampment at Valley Forge and see what nights were like for the Continental Army under the leadership of General George Washington. Begin your adventure at dinner with the troops before checking in at Washington's Headquarters. Kick back with your brigade around the group campfire as they tell you their soldiers' tales.
1 night – Valley Forge.
Standard: Best Western King of Prussia 
Select: The Great Valley House of Valley Forge
Day 15 To Philadelphia Airport (30 miles)
As you depart Valley Forge For the airport be sure to pick up last minute shopping at the King of Prussia Mall or Philadelphia premium outlets.
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