Pennsylvania experiences four marvellous seasons, although there are variations depending on the area and altitude. Summers tend to be hot, while winters are cold with some snow even at lower levels, mountainous areas are typically cooler in summer, and receive a lot more snow in the winter months. July is usually the warmest month with temperatures averaging 80°F (27°C), although the south is often hotter.  Autumn sees Pennsylvania burst with colour with the Fall Foliage (see below). 

Monthly Normal High and Low Temperatures For Various Pennsylvania Cities
Fall Foliage:
Every Fall, typically starting at the beginning of October in the higher elevations in the Northern edge of the State and working its way South until late October, Pennsylvania puts on an unrivalled blaze of glory along its highways, country roads and coastline. With the touch of autumn's wand, rich and vibrant hues appear as far as the eye can see. Fall is Big in Pennsylvania, with unforgettable colour excursions in every region. It's also the harvest season and that means farm-fresh apples from country markets, fairs and strolls through pumpkin patches.
Northern region:
The colour, mellowness and perfection of our famous painted leaves are in full effect up here among the mountains and valleys. It's the home of Upstate PA and the Marie Antoinette Lookout, which offers a bird's-eye scenic view of the Endless Mountains and Susquehanna River. Not to mention it's the home to some of the most charming towns this side of a storybook.
Central region:
Engulfed in a blaze of red, orange and gold glory, there isn't a better leaf-peeking adventure than in the heart of the state. Hike the Delaware Water Gap, bike the Great Allegheny Passage in the Laurel Highlands, listen for the distinctive bugle of the elk along the Elk Scenic Drive, and search for unique treasures at one of our many antique outlets.

Southern region:
Autumn hues usually last longer in this region, with shades of scarlet and subtle yellows holding on throughout some of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful landscapes, including Bucks County and the Brandywine Valley. Don't miss the Amish Country, King's Gap State Park, Bedford or the tree-lined neighbourhoods of Philadelphia.
10 Amazing Places to View Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania
Zone 1. Northern Zone: Peaks in early October
Zone 2. Central Zone: Peaks in mid-October
Zone 3. Southern Zone: Peaks in late October
Pine Creek Gorge - Zone 1
Almost 50 miles long and 1,450 feet deep, the Pine Creek Gorge is known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and features a brilliant fall display of deep reds, yellows and purples in early October. The best full views of the canyon can be found at Leonard Harrison State Park.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
The historic Pine Creek Rail Trail is a gem of the Pine Creek Gorge and offers a tremendous way to view fall foliage. Voted by USA Today as one of the "10 great places to take a bike tour," this 60-mile trail travels through the Gorge for an up-close and personal look at foliage for hikers, bikers, or equestrians.
Allegheny National Forest        - Zone 1
Scenic drives through the hardwood forests of McKean County in northern Pennsylvania provide spectacular fall foliage touring. In the Allegheny National Forest, visitors can hike hundreds of acres of trail ways, ranging from short birding trails to the challenging North Country Trail. Throughout, the Allegheny National Forest region offers a variety of scenic vistas, mountains, brilliant colours, and wildlife viewing opportunities. Visitors can also choose one of two trails to explore the 160 acres of trail systems.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
For the best awe-inspiring views of the Allegheny National Forest, take an auto tour along the 29-mile Longhouse National Scenic Byway. This route ventures deep into the forest, circles the Kinzua Creek Arm of the Allegheny Reservoir, provides water views from the high plateau and showcases the blazing fall foliage that peaks in early October.
Big Pocono State Park - Zone 2
Big Pocono State Park, located at the top of Camelback Mountain in the Pocono Mountains region, is home to breathtaking views in the fall season by foot or by car. The best place for viewing foliage is at the park’s summit, where a scenic overlook permits views for miles – from the popular Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and beyond. In fact, this overlook provides a glimpse of all three foliage regions of the Pocono Mountains!
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip
Try an offshore foliage paddling experience with guided Fall Foliage River Tours. Experienced guides take visitors along the Delaware River in kayaks for a leisurely paddle as visitors experience the fall colours mirrored on the river's surface.
Oil Heritage Region - Zone 2
Normally known as the birthplace of the first commercially successful oil well, this 50-mile area in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region is also a prime spot to experience the bright shades of yellow, red and orange lining the hillsides. Boasting attractive Victorian towns, outstanding artefacts, scenic views and cultural traditions, the Oil Heritage Region displays its original oil country charm each autumn. The region also offers four recreational trails allowing for an active fall foliage viewing and the scenic Oil Creek State Park’s numerous day-hike trails.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
Ride an open-air car aboard the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad to view the season’s exquisite colours throughout the region. This three-hour tour runs special fall foliage excursions throughout October to enjoy fall foliage at its best and take a ride through the “valley that changed the world.”
Presque Isle State Park - Zone 2
Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region displays many beautiful autumn colours along Pennsylvania’s only beach at Presque Isle State Park. Discover the magnificence of this 3,200-acre peninsula as it curls into Lake Erie offering a wide-variety of fall experiences. Home to more than four million visitors each year, Presque Isle offers the leisurely 14-mile Karl Boyes Multipurpose National Recreation Trail for walkers and bicyclists for leaf sightseeing along the Bay. There are also 11 miles of hiking trails throughout the park for those who want a more up-close view of the fall colours.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
For an offshore foliage experience, take advantage of the “Lady Kate,” a 65-foot great lakes vessel that ventures out onto the waters of Lake Erie for a 90 minute tour and an incredible view of the shoreline. Riders can relax while learning about the area’s ecology, history, nature and more with the boat’s knowledgeable guide.
Great Allegheny Passage - Zone 2
For those exploring the scenic Laurel Highlands region in search of autumn colours, there’s perhaps nowhere better to do so than on a biking excursion along the Great Allegheny Passage. Known as the longest rail-trail in the East, the Laurel Highlands section of the Great Allegheny Passage is filled with scenic overlooks, viaducts, and plenty of spectacular foliage.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
Not far away, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling water site for stunning fall vistas. Stretching over a 30-foot waterfall, Falling water, known as one of the most influential houses of the 20th century, offers spectacular views with its unique angles and large windows.
Pittsburgh: Three Rivers Heritage Trail - Zone 2
The beautiful Pittsburgh skyline and the picturesque countryside display some incredible colours during the season, and a wonderful way to discover those views while still enjoying city life is along Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Heritage Trail, a wonderful pedestrian trail and greenway system around Pittsburgh. Running for 21 miles along both sides of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers, it is an almost complete public route for cyclists, walkers, runners, and in some places rollerbladers.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
While in Pittsburgh, don’t miss a ride on the Duquesne or Monongahela Incline to see the views from atop Mount Washington. Overlooking the city and its countryside and filled with observation decks, restaurants and unique shops, this 450-foot hill is an excellent vantage point for foliage.
Rothrock State Forest - Zone 2
In the heart of the Alleghenies region of Pennsylvania, the parks and vistas that encompass Rothrock State Forest provide dramatic foliage areas that can be accessed in a variety of ways. Mountain bike along the trails surrounding the majestic Seven Mountains area, hike numerous trails throughout the forest, or explore from the lowest points from a boat on Raystown Lake. All offer grand foliage viewing experiences.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
For a truly spectacular (and easily accessible) scenic viewpoint in Rothrock, visit the overlook atop Tussey Mountain along PA Route 26 at the Centre/Huntingdon County line. The view overlooks the State College area and several surrounding townships in Centre County.
Gettysburg National Military Park - Zone 3
Gettysburg National Military Park is a must-see for any fall excursion, providing the perfect scenic backdrop for visitors experiencing this historic battlefield. Explore the sights and sounds of battlefield re-enactments, monuments, memorials and true history. Gettysburg offers guests a part of the nation’s past all-year round, but provides optimal trekking treasures in the fall.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
Tour the battlefield on horseback for a unique look at the autumn trees with guided tours from Hickory Hollow Horse Farm in Gettysburg. Visitors can enjoy one to four-hour guided trail rides through the battlefield grounds complete with knowledgeable guides to point out little-known facts and tucked away scenic spots that can only be found by horseback.
Washington Crossing Historic Park     - Zone 3
In 1776, General George Washington and his army crossed the Delaware River in the frigid cold of winter. At that site today is Washington Crossing Historic Park, an interpretive and preservation centre that not only tells the story of Washington’s famous crossing, but also preserves and interprets the early 19th century history of Taylorsville, the area in which the crossing of the Delaware occurred. With historic sites, wildflower areas, and nature trails, it’s also an excellent place to discover the October foliage of Bucks County in suburban Philadelphia. Harvest festivals and related events throughout the autumn season also add to the fall experience at the Park.
Fall Foliage Insider’s Tip:
Bowman’s Hill Tower at the Washington Crossing Historic Park is 125 feet tall and offers a 14-mile view of scenic Bucks County. This grand observation tower offers an expansive view of the Delaware River area and is an excellent “bird’s-eye view” of the foliage surrounding the region in October.

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